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Car Class Daily Rate One-Way Daily Rates
Economy $38.00 $72.00
Compact $39.00 $72.00
Intermediate $40.00 $72.00
Standard $40.00 $72.00
Full Size $43.00 $72.00
Premium $52.00 $52.00 + $0.40 per mile
Luxury $70.00 $70.00 + $0.40 per mile
Mini Van $71.00 $71.00 + $0.40 per mile
Midsize/SUV $71.00 $71.00 + $0.40 per mile
Large SUV $80.00 $80.00 + $0.40 per mile

Rental Mileage Allowance

Economy - Premium vehicle classes include unlimited free miles per day & per week, & 2,500 free miles per month; all other vehicle classes include 150 free miles per day, 1,050 free miles per week, & 2,500 free miles per month, as applicable. Any additional miles will be charged at the rate of $0.25 per mile.

One Day Surcharge

A $5.00 surcharge will be applied to the Corporate Daily Rate for all one-day rentals commencing on: Monday or Tuesday

City surcharges

Applies to All Locations

  • $3.00: Denver; John Wayne Airport (SNA); Minneapolis/St. Paul; New Orleans; Pittsburgh; Raleigh-Durham; Sacramento; Salt Lake City; San Diego; Seattle
  • $5.00: Augusta, GA; Atlanta; Austin, TX; Baltimore; Charlotte; Cleveland; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Knoxville, TN; Los Angeles International Airport (LAX); Memphis, TN; Monterey; Oakland; San Francisco (Including the convention center); San Jose; State of South Carolina (excluding Myrtle Beach)
  • $7.00: Washington, DC
  • $8.00: Boston; Chicago
  • $10.00: Aguadilla; Aspen; Charleston, WV; Colorado Springs; Eagle, CO; Hawaii Airports; Providence; Commonwealth of Puerto Rico; Vail, CO
  • $15.00: Hawaii Home-City; State of Alaska
  • $25.00: NY/NJ/CT Metro Area; Westchester, Islip; Stamford; Jersey City LaGuardia (LGA); Kennedy (JFK); Newark (EWR); NYC Boroughs (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island)
  • *For rentals commencing in Manhattan all day Friday through 12:59pm Sunday current published rates, less a discount will apply.


Call 1-800-227-7368 and provide the following:

Account Number: NAECPUR


Emerald Club members bypass the counter at over 60 locations.

  1. Reserve a Midsize Class car.
  2. Bypass the counter and straight to the Aisle.
  3. Choose any car on the Aisle at the Midsize rate.


Need a Specific Car Class?

Use the Emerald Reserve Service

Emerald Reserve Service is exclusively for Emerald Club members who require a specific car class – a convertible, SUV, minivan or any other vehicle.

  1. Make your reservation for the desired vehicle.
  2. When you arrive, bypass the counter and directly to the row of the car class you reserved.
  3. Choose any car from the row of your reserved car class.
  4. Your rental transaction will be quickly completed at the exit.